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On Non-Catholic Miracles

Dear readers, I am sorry for not updating this blog for a long time, and for not making a good blog to begin with. The objective is to facilitate a comprehensive comparison between Catholic miracles and Orthodox "miracles," with a view to showing the Catholic Church's "practical monopoly on ... major miracle[s]" (Fr. Louis Monden), and disproving claims that Orthodox "miracles" show that Orthodoxy, and not Catholicism, is the one path to salvation. I took down the Orthodox "wonderworkers" section in the meantime so people will not be proximately or remotely led astray: bad literature is one of the ways in which people can lose the Catholic faith, without which no one at all is saved.

Pray for me, a sinner, and please consider helping me become a Catholic priest. Thank you and may God bless and Mary keep you.

"'Not all of the saints have been thaumaturges, lest the weaker among you be betrayed into baneful error; for such would it be were you to think that this gift is of greater import than is the righteous life by which everlasting bliss is won' (St. Augustine, Lib. de div. quaest. oct. trib., 79, 3; ML XL, c. 92)" (quoted in Fr. Monden, 92).

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Here is a revised, under-construction version of an old post "On Miracles Outside the Catholic Church."

No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church
No one who dies outside of the Catholic Church can be saved [Denzinger 247, 423, 430, 468-469, 570b, 714]. As for those who have been invincibly ignorant of the Catholic Church, they cannot be saved if they die as such, but "God may enlighten, at the hour of death, one who is not yet a Catholic, so that he may see the truth of the Catholic faith, be truly sorry for his sins, and sincerely desire to die a good Catholic" [Fr. Michael Müller, Familiar Explanation of Christian Doctrine III (New York, Catholic Publication Society, 1875), 108].

No True Miracles Justify Separation from the Catholic Church
We must reject "any miracle sought or 'obtained' to confirm heresy tor to buttress an heterodox creed," or any so-called miracle "which, whether or not directly sought or obtained to confirm error, would by its context suggest or confirm such an interpretation" [Fr. Louis Monden, S.J., Signs and Wonders: A Study of the Miraculous Element in Religion (New York: Desclee Company, Inc., 1966), 136]. He continues, "God cannot give his sanction to error nor can he accord unconditional approval to partial truth. Once again, it is in the context of prayer that the Protestant or Orthodox miracle will take place rather than in the context of testimony or even of sanctity. And the occurrence of any major miracle which would, of its nature, suggest an apologetic use, remains, in the theological view, unlikely" (139). "God could not seal with miraculous approval a teaching that is false. With the certainty of faith, we may affirm that a miracle invoked to confirm error in the profession of doctrine, the announcement of a message, or the communication of a private revelation which contradicts the divine revelation which the infallible teaching presents us, is merely an illusion and imposture. On this question Pascal justly remarked, 'Miracles are the test of doctrine, and doctrine the test of miracles' [Pensées 803]" (76).

Likewise St. Thomas Aquinas says (Summa Theologica II-II, q. 178, art. 2, ad 3):
Miracles are always true witnesses to the purpose for which they are wrought. Hence wicked men who teach a false doctrine never work true miracles in confirmation of their teaching, although sometimes they may do so in praise of Christ's name which they invoke, and by the power of the sacraments which they administer. If they teach a true doctrine, sometimes they work true miracles as confirming their teaching, but not as an attestation of holiness. Hence Augustine says (QQ. lxxxiii, qu. 79): "Magicians work miracles in one way, good Christians in another, wicked Christians in another. Magicians by private compact with the demons, good Christians by their manifest righteousness, evil Christians by the outward signs of righteousness."  
And the New Catholic Encyclopedia says, "God would not work a miracle under such circumstances that it could reasonably be interpreted as divine confirmation of another religion as a whole or of a doctrine contrary to the teachings of Christ and his Church" (T. G. Pater, "Miracles (Theology of)," New Catholic Encyclopedia, vol. 9, 2nd ed. (Detroit: Gale, 2003), 669-670 <>).

Major Miracles
"The Roman Catholic Church, while not claiming an absolute monopoly, which could not be proved because of the very nature of history, does have a practical monopoly on what we have called 'major miracle,'" says Fr. Monden (321), and "they occur with a regularity that excludes all possibility of error and fortuitous coincidence," that is "in an unpredictable and yet regular manner, which is in striking contrast with non-Christian religions and other Christian denominations, where its absence is glaring" (250).

What is a "major miracle" or "major prodigy"? Fr. Monden explains (179-180):
Only those facts will be accepted as having an apologetic application whose extraordinary character suggests beyond a doubt a religious signification because identical or similar facts never appear in the purely secular domain. The characteristics of "major prodigy" as described by E. Dhanis, from whom we borrow the very expression,6 are the following. "The ordinary course of natural events from which these facts deviate has been observed many times and under a great variety of conditions; no man can recall a deviation of the same type and of comparable magnitude ever having occurred in secular circumstances; the prodigy must take place in a normal setting, that is, one excluding the suspicion that unusual conditions or means might be the cause." In the following we shall use the word "major prodigy" or "major miracle" in the precise sense of events meeting the conditions listed in this paragraph.

What facts, then, are to be included in this category [of major miracles with intrinsic apologetic significance]? In what appears an order of increasing importance, e included certain cosmic manifestations; multiplications of matter, such as food or fuel; and finally, raising of the dead and the instantaneous or extremely rapid healing of properly diagnosed organic diseases.

If a raging storm were calmed on the instant, or an empty barn, securely bolted from the outside, were suddenly filled with grain, everyone would readily agree that never in the memory of mankind have such events occurred in a purely secular context. The difficulty arising here is this: these and similar manifestations must be accepted on testimony; outside of a perhaps abundant number of reliable witnesses, no tangible proof of the miraculous event can be offered as a rule. The one who clings to his doubt will always find it possible to challenge even the most dependable witness and thus avoid to assenting to the reality of the miracle.

The conditions accompanying an instantaneous healing are altogether different. Characteristically, a disease is subject to every kind of scientific testing, objective diagnosis and measuring. Social progress makes the task even easier by establishing, in ever greater numbers, mutual aid societies, clinics, and laboratories. The fact of a sudden miraculous cure does not have to be accepted on human testimony alone, or upon the personal diagnosis of one physician; a host of material, tangible and measurable proofs are normally available, showing the condition of the body both before and after the cure.

For practical purposes, therefore, miraculous cure is the best kind of apologetic proof.

6 E. Dhanis, "Un chaînon de la preuve du miracle," Problemi scelti di Teologia contemporanea (Rome, 1954), pp. 63-86. The passage quoted is on p. 66. It should be made clear that we are speaking of "major miracles" in a sense altogether different from that given by Benedict XIV to the words "prodigium maius." 
These are NOT major miracles: "All of the secondary, physical or clinical manifestations of mystical experience: visions, inner voices, levitation, trance, and ecstasy; more particularly still, apparitions and stigmata; finally, all manifestation related to parapsychological powers, such as premonitory dreams, mind-reading, prophesying, and the like" (177).

Fr. Monden goes on (181):
First, the practitioner recognizes organic lesions, when the anatomical or histological integrity of an organ is affected by an internal or external cause (hernia, cancer, toxication, parasites, and the like), or the organ shows a congenital malformation or is in a state of degeneration or gradual disintegration.
What are some Catholic examples of this? Plenty of examples of well-authenticated scientifically inexplicable complete, immediate, and permanent healings of properly diagnosed organic lesions are to be found at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, which has "ordinary water" with no "remedial properties" that has not allowed the spread of contagious diseases despite not being frequently changed (238-239):
Doctor Béhague concludes his series of studies [on the Lourdes miracles], published in the Cahiers Laënnec and quoted several times by us in the present work, with the following ad hominem appeal:
You doctors, and you specialists in particular; you former and present students who work in the services which deal with the sick in their thousands, have you seen:
(a) A case of two detached retinas originating in a shock suddenly cured seven and a half years after-wards, the sight returning 'like a shot from a gun'? (Vion-Dury).
(b) White atrophy of the papillas of both eyes cured in such a way that the sight returned instantly and permanently while the papillary whiteness only disappeared as time went on? (Mme Biré).
(c) A case of evolutive pulmonary tuberculosis calcify in a few days or a case of peritoneal tuberculosis rapidly disappearing? (Louis Jamain, Gabrielle Durand).
(d) A case of tubercular meningitis (with Koch bacilli in the cerebrospinal fluid which contained 150 lymphocytes per mm3) make a single leap from the final coma and possess, within a month after the previous lumbar puncture, a normal cerebrospinal fluid free from bacilli? (Mlle Margerie).
(e) An open fracture of the leg with chronic osteomyelitis and pseudarthrosis heal instantly and spontaneously so as to permit immediate walking? (De Rudder).
(f) A cancer of the pylorus and the liver heal suddenly and the functioning of the gastroenterostomy (visible by X-rays) instantly disappear (Mlle Delot).
If you have seen any of these things please let us know. We ourselves have never seen them except in the cases mentioned...59
As every physician will agree, nothing of the sort has ever occurred in his practice, he knows that never in the memory of man have such rapid cures been reported in the annals of medicine.

59 Flood, op. cit., p. 242
Fr. Monden continues (239-240),
We have given a lengthy account of the Lourdes facts, and found them, as did many others before us, the Catholic idea of the miraculous in its clearest form, precisely because at this shrine the miraculous is an object of well organized, systematic checking. Yet it would be impossible to conclude that Lourdes has a monopoly on miracles, even on miracles within the Catholic Church.

There exist other privileged places where miraculous cures did and do occur under the same conditions of serious checking and vertification [... the Fátima ... "Banneux and Beauraing shrines," etc.].
Orthodox Miracles?
We sometimes hear of "miracles" being worked by Orthodox Christians, especially those who were explicitly anti-Catholic (Job of Pochayiv, Seraphim of Sarov, John of Kronstadt, Alexis Toth, Nectarios of Aegina etc.), as if this confirmed that their anti-Catholic teaching was true and their lives were holy. Fr. Monden (305-306):
The problem appears under an altogether different light when we consider Russian Orthodoxy where canonization is practiced as in the Roman Catholic Church. Like Catholicism, but even more exclusively, the Russian Church insists on miracles as criteria of the holiness of her great children, This outward similarity, however,  should not prevent us from examining at a closer range the nature of Orthodox miracles.

We should bear in mind from the outset that Slavs in general, and Russians in particular, are inclined to speak of miracles far more freely than Occidentals. They see the miraculous element everywhere and accept it in full confidence; they would not think of making their assent depend upon an official approbation by the Church or a critical examination of the facts.111 Consequently, the title of "miracle-worker"given by the people to a deceased holy person is even more fragile a proof of the rality of the miraculous events than in the Western Church.

Moreover, pre-canonization inquests in the Orthodox Church are different from their Roman counterparts. Examination of the bodily remains is of primary importance; perfect preservation is a favorable and often conclusive factor warranting canonization.112 The statement itself that the remains are "preserved intact" is taken in a convential and broad sense, as indications and details below will show.113 This would give us the right to assume that the norms applied in these inquests concerning miraculous events are not the same as the strict rules applied by the Catholic Church, and thus no purported miraculous facts may be accepted as such without prudent critical investigation in every case.

111 See A. Staerk's introduction to the French edition of Jean de Kronstadt: Ma vie en Jésus-Christ (Paris, 1902), pp. 244-245. Some typical features of popular credulousness are quoted in A. Martel: "Miracles et légendes de l'Ukraine contemporaine," Irenikon, 6 (1929), 517-526.
112 See. J. Bois, "Canonisation dans l'Église Russe," Dictionnaire de théol. cath., II, c. 1663 [page 830 of the PDF]; P. Peeters, "La canonisation des saints dans l'Église Russe," Analecta Bollandiana, 33 (1914), 380-420; E. Behr-Sigel, Prière et sainteté dans l'Eglise Russe (Paris, 1950), II: "La canonisation dans l'Eglise Orthodox," pp. 24-35; Y. Congar: "A propos des saints canonisés dans les Eglises orthodoxes," Revue des sciences religieuses, 22 (1948), 240-259.
113 See J. Bois, art. cit., c. 1669.
Perhaps during the life of the Orthodox Christians one can:
readily recognize ... proofs of a supernatural intervention of God ... but none of them qualifies as a major miracle, that is, one with an intrinsic apologetic value and of the kind we have so far found absent everywhere except in the Catholic Church. 
For example (307),
the cases of Michael Manturov and Judge Nikolai Motovilov [in the life of Seraphim of Sarov]. Both are cases of functional paralysis which, judging by the way the illness and the manner of the cure are described, could have been cured, medically speaking, through spontaneous psychotherapy with religious motivation. At the Lourdes Bureau cases like these would not even be considered.
Likewise, all the cures at the tomb of Gregory Palamas reported by Patriarch Philotheus I of Constantinople would have been rejected as insufficient by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints [Fr. Martin Jugie, A.A., Le Schisme Byzantin: Aperçu historique et doctrinal (Paris: P. Lethielleux, 1941) 450-451]. Patriarch Seraphim I of Constantinople did not mention any miracles by Mark of Ephesus when he "canonized" the latter in 1734 (451).

And in the case of John of Kronstadt,
none of these accounts ... show any fact that could be considered more than an outstanding case of God's responding to prayer, or is such as could be called a major miracle116. ... we are very far here from any major prodigies.117

116 Ibid., pp. 247-248.
117 A. Staerk: op. cit., p. 245: "If we are to believe a certain type of popular literature which sounds too much like propaganda and with which, we are sure, Father John has nothing to do, some of these cures show features of instantaneousness that seem truly miraculous; only these events took place ten to twenty years ago and thus exclude all possibility of checking." On John of Kronsadt, see an anonymous article in L'ami du clergé 23 (1900), 117-122; A. Retel in Echos d'Orient, (1906), pp. 44ff.; M. Jugie in Echos d'Orient (1913), pp. 57-60; G. P. Fedotov, A Treasury of Russian Spirituality (New York, 1948), pp. 346-416.
And are you sure, in a given case, that the "miracle" is not the product of demons (155-156), imagination, "pathological hallucination undergone in good faith" (77), the cure of merely psychogenic and psychosomatic disorders (181-182), "trickery and illusion" (278), "psychoreligious disorders and pseudomystical fanaticism" (319), "common quackery" (272), exaggeration (258), legendary accretion (269), "charlatanism and vaudeville" (285), "some involuntary error" (77), embellishment (259), "hypnotic suggestion" (258), "popular fantasy" (271), "a temporary and subjective feeling of improvement" (304), "purposeful malice, insanity, vengeance, mystification, or misplaced practical joking ... the need for the sensational ... credulousness, hysterical affabulation or other mental disturbances ... certain types of intoxication, not only through alcohol but also carbon monoxide or mercury" (291), or "conscious fraud and simulation" (319)?

In the case of cures, "is the illness real or imaginary? Does the cure take place with or without medical aid? As for ... dreams ... are they spontaneous ... or are they provoked by artificial means?" (256-257)

As stated above, the Orthodox assign large importance to the preservation of relics. Are these cases of supernatural incorruptibility of relics? Is the flesh of normal pigmentation? Is it withered? Is the body still flexible? What were the circumstances of entombment (embalming, burial in a dry vs. wet space, etc.)?

Gregory Palamas (1296-1359), who wrote against the Filioque 
(image by Kh. Miray Saikali via

Job of Pochayiv (1551-1651), who wrote against unleavened bread and participated in other 
anti-Catholic activities (photographer unknown)

John of Shanghai and San Francisco (1896-1966), who wrote against the Immaculate Conception
(image via

Fr. Ilie Lacatusu (1909-1983), a Romanian Orthodox priest (image via
John the Russian (1690-1730) (image via

John Jacob the Chozebite (1913-1960)

More could be said of miracles claimed by Protestants, Yogis, Mohammedans, etc. I invite the reader who wishes to know more to consult Fr. Monden's book, and to pray for the repose of his soul.

Our Lady of Fátima, pray for us!

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Updates: On Photos

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some images will disappear for a while before I replace them with new ones that have better names/labels/descriptions (e.g., not just the death year but the birth year).

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Catholic Wonderworkers: 21st Century

Catholic Wonderworkers: 20th Century

20th Century
Bl. Adalbert Nierychlewski (Wojciech Nierychlewski: martyr under the Nazi yoke) [4/20/1903-2/9/1942] - (1) prophesied that he would be a martyr
Bl. Adilio Daronch (layman & child-martyr) [10/25/1908-5/21/1924] - (1)

St. Agostino Roscelli (founder of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Immaculate Conception) [7/27/1818-5/7/1902] - (1) posthumous healing confirmed by CCS & JPII on 7/1/2000
St. Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga of Chile (Jesuit priest, teacher, & founder of Chilean Trade Union Association & journal Mensaje) [1/22/1901-1/18/1952] - (1) ; (2) second posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 4/20/2004

Bl. Alberto Marvelli of Italy (lay member of Catholic Action) [3/21/1918-10/5/1946] - (1) posthumous 1991 healing of Bologna physician's hernia confirmed by CCS & JPII on 7/7/2003

Bl. Alexandrina Maria da Costa of Balasar (lay member of the Salesian Cooperators) [3/30/1904-10/13/1955] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Alfonso Maria Fusco (founder of the Congregation of the Baptistine Sisters of the Nazarene) [3/23/1839-2/6/1910] - (1) conceived after his infertile parents visited relics of St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori & promised to name son Alfonso and raise him to be a saint according to the prophecy of Redemptorist Fr. Francis Xavier Pecorelli; (2) ; (3) Jesus appeared to him in a dream & told him to found a congregation

Bl. Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster (Alfredo Ludovico Luigi Schuster: Benedictine ) [1/18/1880-8/30/1954] - (1)

St. Alphonsa of India (Anna Muttathupadathu: ) [8/19/1910-7/28/1946] - (1) 12/1936 healed by St. Therese of Liseux and Bl. Kuriakose Elias Chavara; (2) posthumously straightened many clubbed feet; (3) hundreds of posthumous healings

St. Andre Bessette of Montreal (Alfred Bessette: ) [8/9/1845-1/6/1937] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Andrea Carlo Ferrari of Italy (cardinal archbishop of Milan) [8/13/1850-2/2/1921] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 11/10/1986
Bl. Andrea Giacinto Longhin () [11/22/1863-6/26/1936] - (1)

St. Angela Guerrero González of the Cross (nun) [1/30/1846-3/2/1932] – (1) incorrupt body; (2)

Bl. Angela Salawa () [9/9/1881-3/12/1922] - (1)

Bl. Anna Rosa Gattorno (co-foundress of the Institute of the Daughters of Saint Anne, Mother of Mary Immaculate) [10/14/1831-5/6/1900] - (1) in 1862 she received hidden stigmata, which became particularly painful on Fridays; (2) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 6/28/1999
Bl. Anna Schaeffer of Mindelstetten (laywoman) [2/18/1882-10/5/1925] - (1) ; (2) vision of St. Francis of Assisi; (3) vision of Jesus Christ telling her He accepted her sacrifice; (4) stigmata; (5) experienced Passion of Christ on 4/25/1923; (6) many other mystical experiences; (7) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 7/3/1998

Bl. Anton Maria Schwartz of Vienna (priest founder of the Congregation of Christian Workers of Saint Joseph Calasanz) [2/18/1852-9/15/1929] - (1)

St. Arcangelo Tadini of Brescia (parish priest who founded the Workers' Mutual Aid Association and the Congregation of Worker Sisters of the Holy House of Nazareth) [10/12/1846-5/20/1912] - (1) posthumous healing of Sr. Maria Carmela Berardi confirmed by CCS & JPII on 6/28/1999; (2) another posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & HH B16 on 12/6/2008
St. Arnold Janssen (founder of the Society of the Divine Word; the Missionary Sisters, Servants of the Holy Ghost; & the Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration) [11/5/1837-1/15/1909] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & P6 on 5/23/1975; (2) posthumous "sudden, complete, lasting, & scientifically inexplicable" healing of the terminal head wound of Pamela Avellanosa of Baguio from a bike fall confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/2002
Bl. Artemide Zatti () [10/12/1880-3/15/1951] - (1)

St. Augustine Caloca Cortés of Mexico (hieromartyr) [5/5/1898-8/25/1927] - (1) heart found incorrupt six years after his repose

Bl. Augustine Thevarparampil of Ramapuram (Kunjachan: priest) [4/1/1891-10/16/1973] - (1)

Bl. Basil Hopko of Slovakia (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Prešov martyred under Communist yoke) [4/21/1904-6/23/1976] - (1) realized his call to the priesthood after being miraculously cured in the 1920s
St. Benedetto Menni (Angelo Ercole Menni Figini: priest founder of the Congregation of Hospitaller Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) [3/11/1841-4/24/1914] - (1) posthumous healing of Asuncion Cacho; (2) posthumous healing of a Hospital Sister, Sr. Maria Nicoletta Vélaz, who suffered from bladder cancer
Bl. Bernardina Maria Jablonska of Poland (nun co-foundress & superior of Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Francis Servants of the Poor a.k.a. Albertine Sisters) [8/5/1878-9/23/1940] - (1)

St. Bertilla Boscardin (Anna Francesca Boscardin: nurse in the Sisters of Saint Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Heart) [10/6/1888-10/20/1922] - (1) many healings at her tomb
Bl. Blandina Merten (Mary Magdalene Merten: ) [7/10/1883-5/18/1918] - (1)

Bl. Boleslav Maria Lament of Poland (founded the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family who worked to convert the Russian Orthodox) [7/3/1862-1/29/1946] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 5/14/1991
Bl. Bonifacia Rodríguez Castro (Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Servants of Saint Joseph) [6/6/1837-8/9/1905] - (1)

Bl. Bronislaw Markiewicz of Poland (founder of the Society of Moderation and Work) [7/13/1842-1/29/1912] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/2004
Bl. Candelaria Paz Castillo Ramírez (Susana Paz Castillo Ramírez: ) [8/11/1840-1/31/1940] - (1)

Bl. Candida Maria de Jesus Cipitria y Barriola (Juana Josefa Cipitria y Barriola: foundress of the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus) [5/31/1845-8/9/1912] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 4/6/1995
Bl. Carlo Liviero (Bishop of Città di Castello & founder of the Congregation of the Little Servants of the Sacred Heart) [5/29/1866-7/7/1932] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & HH B16 on 12/16/2006
Bl. Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Santiago () [11/22/1918-7/13/1963] - (1)

Bl. Celestina Donati of Florence (Maria Anna Donati: ) [10/28/1848-3/18/1925] - (1)

Bl. Emperor Charles I of Austria (Karl Franz Josef Ludwig Hubert Georg Maria von Habsburg-Lothringen) [8/17/1887-4/1/1922] – (1) posthumously miraculously cured Brazilian nun with varicose veins who was able to rise from bed after she prayed for his beatification; (2) miraculous healing of a Floridian Baptist woman
Bl. Claudio Granzotto of Italy (Franscican brother & sculptor) [8/23/1900-8/15/1947] - (1)

Bl. Clemens August von Galen the Confessor of Germany (Cardinal-Priest of San Bernardo alle Terme who preached against Nazism & euthanasia) [3/16/1878-3/22/1946] - (1) posthumously cured 16-year-old Indonesian Hendrikus Nahak of appendicitis in 1995
Bl. Colomba Gabriel (Janina Matylda Gabriel: foundress of the Benedettine di Caritá) [5/3/1858-9/24/1926] - (1)

Bl. Columbia Marmion of Dublin (Joseph Aloysius Marmion: Benedictine abbot) [4/1/1858-1/30/1923] - (1)

Bl. Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi of Nigeria (Trappist monk in the monastery of Mount Saint Bernard) [9/1903-1/20/1964] - (1)

Bl. Daniel Brottier () [9/7/1876-2/28/1936] - (1)

Bl. Diego Oddi of Italy (Giuseppe Oddi: Franciscan monk who prayed unceasingly) [6/6/1839-6/3/1919] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 4/6/1998
St. Edith Stein of Germany (in monasticism Teresa Benedicta of the Cross: Jewish convert & Carmelite nun-martyr under the Nazi yoke) [10/12/1891-8/9/1942] - (1)

Bl. Edoardo Giuseppe Rosaz () [2/15/1830-5/3/1903] - (1)

Bl. Edward Joannes Maria Poppe () [1890-6/10/1924] - (1)

St. Elias Fracasso () [1/17/1901-5/29/1927] - (1)

Bl. Elizabeth Catez of the Trinity () [7/18/1880-9/9/1906] - (1)

Bl. Emmanuel Domingo y Sol () [4/1/1836-1/25/1909] - (1)

Bl. Emmanuel González García () [2/25/1877-1/4/1940] - (1)

Bl. Emmanuel Gómez González (hieromartyr) [5/29/1877-5/21/1924] - (1)

Bl. Eugenia Joubert () [2/11/1876-7/2/1904] - (1)

Bl. Eugenia Picco of Milan (Superior General of Congregation of the Little Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary) [11/8/1867-9/7/1921] - (1) 8/25/1992 posthumous healing of Camille Talubingi Kingombe from the Diocese of Uvira in Congo confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/1999

Bl. Eurosia Fabris () [9/27/1866-1/8/1932] - (1)

Bl. Eusebia Palomino Yenes () [12/15/1899-2/10/1935] - (1)

Bl. Eustáquio van Lieshout of the Netherlands (Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary missionary & parish priest in Brazil) [11/3/1890-8/30/1943] - (1)

St. Ezekiel Moreno y Díaz of Spain (Augustinian bishop of Pinara & Pasto) [4/9/1848-8/19/1906] - (1)

Servant of God Fathi Baladi (Melkite Greek Catholic) [9/22/1961-12/31/1980] - (1) catechism instructor prophesied to him at age 10 that "Fathi, one day you will be a great saint!"; (2) a few days after his murder, he appeared to his parents and called them by name and told them not to grieve because he was in Heaven with all the angels and saints; (3) then the house was filled with the odor of sanctity (incense) and uncreated light; (4) posthumous healings; (5) apparitions to others; (6) lights around his grave; (7) tongues of fire; (8) heavenly voices; (9) heavenly music; (10) odor of sanctity around his grave

St. Faustina Kowalska of Poland (Elena Kowalska: ) [8/25/1905-10/5/1938] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Faustinus Míguez González (Emmanuel Míguez González: ) [3/24/1831-3/8/1925] - (1)
St. Filippo Smaldone () [6/27/1848-6/4/1923] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Florentina Nicol Goni of Spain (foundress of the Congregation of the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary) [3/14/1868-2/24/1940] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/2004
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini (virgin nun) [7/15/1850-12/22/1917] – (1)
St. Francesco Fogolla (Franciscan missionary bishop & martyr of China) [10/4/1839-7/9/1900] - (1)

Bl. Francis Pianzola () [10/5/1881-6/4/1943] - (1)

Bl. Francis Spinelli () [4/14/1853-2/6/1913] - (1)

St. Francisca Salesia Aviat () [9/16/1844-1/10/1914] - (1) ; (2) ; (3) incorrupt body

Bl. Francisco Marto of Fatima (Fatima visionary) [6/11/1908-4/4/1919] - (1) ; (2) ; (3) ; (4)

St. Gaetano Catanoso () [2/14/1879-4/4/1963] - (1) incorrupt body; (2) ; (3)

St. Gemma Galgani (the Virgin of Lucca and Passionist nun) [3/12/1878-4/11/1903] – (1) levitation; (2) stigmata; (3) spoke to Jesus; (4) spoke to Theotókos; (5) spoke to her guardian angel; (6) spoke to other saints
St. Genoveva Torres Morales (foundress of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Holy Angels (The Angélicas)) [1/3/1870-1/5/1956] - (1)

Bl. George Matulaitis of Lithuania () [4/13/1871-1/27/1927] - (1)

St. George Preca () [2/12/1880-7/26/1962] - (1)

St. Gertrude Caterina Comensoli of Italy () [1/18/1847-2/18/1903] - (1)

St. Gianna Beretta Molla () [10/4/1922-4/28/1962] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Guido Maria Conforti of Parma (Archbishop of Parma, founder of the Xaverian Missionaries, & missionary to China) [3/30/1865-11/5/1931] - (1) in 1965 he posthumously cured the pancreatic cancer of 12-year-old Sabina Kamariza of Burundi, Africa
St. Hannibal Mary di Francia () [7/5/1851-6/1/1927] - (1)

Bl. Hendrina Josefa Stenmanns () [5/28/1852-5/20/1903] - (1)

Bl. Henry Rebuschini of Italy () [4/28/1860-5/10/1938] - (1)

Bl. Hyacint Maria Cormier () [12/8/1832-5/21/1916] - (1)

Bl. Ignatius Klopotowski of Poland (founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Loreto) [7/20/1866-9/7/1931] - (1)

Bl. Ignatius Shoukrallah Maloyan of Mardin (Armenian Catholic Archbishop & Great-Martyr under Muslims) [4/18/1869-6/11/1915] - (1) body radiated uncreated light for three days after his repose; (2)

Bl. Isidore de Loor of Saint Joseph of Belgium (Passionist lay brother) [4/18/1881-10/6/1916] - (1)

Bl. Ivan Merz () [12/16/1896-5/10/1928] - (1)

Bl. Jacinta Marto of Fatima (Fatima visionary) [3/11/1910-2/20/1920] - (1) incorrupt body; (2) ; (3) ; (4)
Bl. Jan Beyzym (Jesuit priest & missionary to Madagascar lepers) [5/5/1850-10/2/1912] - (1)

Bl. John Adalbert Balicki () [1/25/1869-3/15/1948] - (1)

Bl. John Baptist Piamarta of Italy () [11/26/1841-4/25/1913] - (1)

Bl. Pope John XXIII the Good of Rome (Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli: convener and head of the Second Vatican Council) [11/25/1881-6/3/1963] - (1)

Bl. John Baptist Scalabrini (Apostle of the Catechism) [7/8/1839-6/1/1905] - (1)

Bl. Josaphata Mykhailyna Hordashevska (Greek Catholic nun) [1869-4/7/1919] - (1) incorrupt body

St. José María Rubio y Peralta () [7/22/1864-5/2/1929] - (1)

St. José Isabel Flores Varela of Mexico (martyr) [11/28/1866-6/21/1927] - (1)

St. Jósef Bilczewski () [4/26/1860-3/20/1923] - (1)

Bl. Josefina Suriano of Palermo () [2/18/1915-5/19/1950] - (1)

St. Josemaría Escrivá of Spain () [1/9/1902-6/26/1975] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Joseph Allamano () [1/21/1851-1/16/1926] - (1)

St. Joseph Freinademetz () [4/15/1852-1/28/1908] - (1)

Bl. Joseph Gérard () [3/12/1831-5/29/1914] - (1)

St. Joseph Mario Charles Alphonse Moscati (physician) [7/25/1880-4/12/1927]

Bl. Joseph Nascimbeni of Italy () [3/22/1851-1/21/1922] - (1)

St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar () [1/17/1842-3/28/1924] - (1)

Bl. Josephina Gabriella Bonino ( helped found Sisters of the Holy Family) [9/5/1843-2/8/1906]

St. Josephine Bakhita of Sudan () [1869-1947] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Juan Nepomuceno Zegrí y Moreno (priest founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy) [10/11/1831-3/17/1905] - (1) posthumous healing of Juan de la Cruz Arce of Mendoza, Argentina confirmed by CCS & JPII on 4/14/2003

Bl. Juana Maria Condesa Lluch of Valencia () [3/30/1862-1/16/1916] - (1)

Bl. Julia Salzano of Italy () [10/13/1846-5/17/1929] - (1)

St. Katharine Drexel () [11/26/1858-3/3/1955] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Ladislas Batthyány-Strattmann () [10/28/1870-1/22/1931] - (1)

Bl. Laura of Saint Catherine of Siena (Laura Montoya y Upegui: nun missionary, foundress of the Works of the Indians, & foundress of the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of Immaculate Mary) [5/26/1874-10/21/1949] - (1)

Bl. Laura Vicuña () [4/5/1891-1/22/1904] - (1)

St. Leopold Bogdan Mandić of Croatia () [5/12/1866-6/30/1942] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Louis Tezza of Conegliano ( & Apostle of Lima) [11/1/1841-9/23/1923] - (1)

Bl. Louis-Zéphirin Moreau of Quebec () [4/1/1824-5/24/1901] - (1)

Bl. Luigi Maria Monti of Italy (chaste lay co-founder of the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception) [7/24/1825-10/1/1900] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Luigi Monza of Italy () [6/22/1898-9/29/1954] - (1)

St. Luigi Orione () [6/23/1872-3/12/1940] - (1) incorrupt body; (2) miraculously cured of three-year-old health problems when St. John Bosco died by him
Bl. Luigi Talamoni () [10/3/1848-1/31/1926] - (1)

Bl. Luigi Variara () [1/15/1875-2/1/1923] - (1)

Bl. Marcellina Darowska () [1/28/1827-1/5/1911] - (1)

Bl. Marcellus Spinola y Maestre () [1/14/1835-1/19/1906] - (1)

Bl. Margarita de Maturana () [7/25/1884-7/23/1934] - (1)
St. Margaritus Flores García of Mexico (hieromartyr) [2/22/1899-11/12/1927] - (1)

Bl. Maria Ludovica de Angelis () [10/24/1880-2/25/1962] - (1)

Bl. Maria Antonia Bandrés y Elósegui () [3/6/1898-4/27/1919] - (1)

St. Maria Bernarda Bütler () [5/28/1848-5/19/1924] - (1)

Bl. Maria Josefina Catanea () [2/18/1896-3/14/1948] - (1)

Bl. Maria Caridad Brader (foundress of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, Help of Christians and the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate) [8/14/1860-2/27/1943] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 4/23/2002

Bl. Maria Cristina Brando of the Immaculate Conception (virgin foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters, Expiatory Victims of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament) [5/1/1856-1/20/1906] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/2001
Bl. Maria Candida of the Eucharist (Discalced Carmelite nun) [1/16/1884-6/12/1949] - (1)

Bl. Maria de Chappotin de Neuville () [5/21/1839-11/15/1904] - (1)

Bl. Maria Rafaela Cimatti () [6/6/1861-6/23/1945] - (1) posthumously cured Loreto Arduini of viral encephalitis, convulsions, and respiratory failure

Bl. Maria Crocifissa Curcio of Italy (foundress of the Congregation of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus) [1/30/1877-7/4/1957] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/2004
Bl. Maria Teresa Fasce of Italy (Augustinian abbess) [12/27/1881-1/18/1947] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 7/7/1997
St. Maria Goretti (child Virgin-Martyr) [10/16/1890-7/6/1902] – (1) ; (2) ; (3)
St. Maria Josefa del Corazón de Jesús Sancho de Guerra () [9/7/1842-3/20/1912] - (1)

Bl. Maria Karlowska () [9/4/1865-3/24/1935] - (1)

Bl. Maria Dominica Mantovani () [11/2/1864-2/2/1934] - (1)

Bl. Maria Pia Mastena () [12/7/1881-6/28/1951] - (1)

Bl. Maria Romero Meneses () [1/13/1902-7/7/1977] - (1)

Bl. Maria Vincentia Chávez Orozco (foundress of Congregation of the Servants of the Poor, later renamed the Servants of the Holy Trinity and the Poor) [2/6/1867-7/30/1949] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Maria Francisca Siedliska of Poland () [11/12/1842-11/21/1902] - (1)

Bl. María Dolores Rodríguez Sopeña () [12/30/1848-1/10/1918] - (1)

Bl. Maria Euthymia Üffing of Germany (sister of the Congregation of Compassion) [4/8/1914-9/9/1955] - (1)

Bl. Maria Fortunata Viti of Veroli (Anna Felicia Viti: ) [2/10/1827-11/20/1922] - (1)

Bl. María Guadalupe García Zavala (Co-foundress of the Congregation of the Servants of Saint Margaret Mary and the Poor) [4/27/1878-6/24/1963] - (1)

Bl. Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan () [5/3/1876-6/8/1926] - (1)

Bl. Marianne Cope (Barbara Koob: ) [1/23/1838-8/9/1918] - (1)

Bl. Mariano de Jesus Eues Hoyos of Colombia (parish priest) [10/14/1845-7/13/1926] - (1)

Bl. Mariano de la Mata Aparicio (Augustinian priest) [12/31/1905-4/5/1983] - (1)

Bl. Marie-Joseph Cassant () [3/6/1878-6/17/1903] - (1)

Bl. Marie Theresa of Saint Joseph (Anna Maria Tauscher: Lutheran convert & nun foundress of the Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus) [6/19/1855-9/20/1938] - (1)

Bl. Marta Maria Wiecka (Marta Anna Wiecka: ) [1/12/1874-5/30/1904] - (1)

Bl. Mary Assunta () [8/20/1878-4/7/1905] - (1)

Bl. Mary Alvarado Cardozo (Laura Evangelista Alvarado Cardozo: ) [4/25/1875-4/2/1967] - (1)

Bl. Mary Elizabeth Hesselbad () [6/4/1870-4/24/1957] - (1)

Bl. Mary Ellen MacKillop of the Cross of Australia (to be canonized 10/17/2010) [1/15/1842-8/8/1909] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Mary-Gabrielle Sagheddu of Dorgali (Trappestine nun) [1914-4/23/1939] - (1)

St. Maximilian Kolbe of Poland (Raymond Kolbe: Franciscan great-martyr to the Nazis & Apostle of Consecration to Mary) [1/8/1894-8/14/1941] - (1)

Bl. Michael Sopocko of Poland () [11/1/1888-2/15/1975] - (1)

St. Miguel Febres Cordero Muñoz () [11/7/1854-2/9/1910] - (1) incorrupt body; (2) ; (3)

Bl. Miguel Agustin Pro () [1/13/1891-11/23/1927] - (1) ; (2) ; (3)

Bl. Moses Tovini of Italy () [12/27/1877-1/28/1930] - (1)

Bl. Nazaria Ignatia March Mesa (virgin) [1/10/1889-6/6/1943] - (1) incorrupt body; (2)

Bl. Nicholas of Gesturi () [8/5/1882-6/8/1958] - (1)

St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina (Capuchin priest) [5/25/1887-9/23/1968] - (1) resurrecting the dead; (2) stigmata; (3) ; (4) ; (5) ; (6) ; (7) ; (8)
Bl. Paolo Manna of Avellino () [1/16/1872-9/15/1952] - (1)

St. Pauline of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus, C.I.I.C. () [12/16/1865-7/9/1942] - (1)

Bl. Pavol Gojdič () [7/17-1888-7/17/1960] - (1)

Bl. Peter Bonilli of Spoleto (priest who founded the Sisters of the Holy Family) [3/15/1841-1/5/1935] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 7/3/1987

Bl. Peter George Michelangelo Frassati (Man of the Eight Beatitudes) [4/6/1901-7/4/1925] - (1) incorrupt body; (2)

Bl. Petra Pérez Florido () [12/7/1845-8/16/1906] - (1)

Bl. Piedad Ortiz Real (foundress of the Congregation of the Salesian Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) [11/12/1842-2/26/1916] - (1) in Barcelona she had a vision of Christ speaking to her through His Sacred Heart, informing her that God wanted her to found a new religious order; (2) in Orihuela the Holy Spirit enlightened her, telling her the order's name and spirituality and that the order should take St. Francis de Sales (Doctor of the Church) as its patron; (3) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 4/14/2003
Pope St. Pius X (Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto: Thomist anti-modernist reformer and Pope of the Blessed Sacrament) [6/2/1835-8/20/1914] - (1) incorruptible body; (2) ; (3) ; (4) ; (5) ; (6)
Bl. Placidus Riccardi of Italy (Thomas Riccardi: ) [6/24/1844-3/15/1915] - (1)

St. Rafael Arnáiz Barón () [4/9/1911-4/26/1938] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Rafael Louis Rafiringa () [5/1/1856-5/19/1919] - (1)

St. Rafael Guizar Valencia (bishop who took care of injured and dying persons in the 1910-1917 Mexican Revolution) [4/26/1878-6/6/1938] – (1) incorrupt body except for left eye which he offered up to a sinner
St. Rafqa of Himlaya (Boutrossieh Ar-Rayes: nun of the Order of Saint Anthony of the Maronites) [6/29/1832-3/23/1914] - (1)

St. Raphael Joseph Kalinowski () [9/1/1835-11/5/1907] - (1); (2)

St. Richard Pampuri () [8/2/1897-5/1/1930] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Rita Amada Lopes de Almeida of Portugal (foundress of the Sisters of Jesus, Mary and Joseph) [3/5/1848-1/6/1913] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/2004
Bl. Roman Lysko (married Ukrainian Greek Catholic hieromartyr) [8/14/1914-10/14/1949] - (1)

Bl. Savina Petrilli () [8/29/1851-4/18/1923] - (1)

St. Teresa of the Andes () [1900-1920] - (1)

Bl. Teresa Bracco of Santa Giulia (virgin-martyr under the Nazi yoke) [2/24/1924-8/28/1944] - (1)

Bl. Teresa of Calcutta (Agnesë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu: nun missionary & foundress of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity) [8/26/1910-9/5/1997] - (1)

Bl. Teresa Maria Manetti of the Cross () [3/2/1846-4/23/1910] - (1)

Bl. Teresa Grillo Michel of Alessandria (Maddalena Parvopassau: foundress of the Congregation of the Little Sisters of Divine Providence) [9/25/1855-1/25/1944] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/18/1997
Bl. Thomas Reggio of Genoa (Archbishop of Genoa & founder of the Sisters of Saint Martha) [1/8/1818-11/22/1901] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/21/1998

Bl. Timothy Giaccardo (first Vicar General of the Congregation of the Society of St. Paul) [6/13/1896-1/24/1948] - (1) cured of life-threatening illness at seven months of age due to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary; (2) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 5/13/1989
St. Toribio Romo González () [4/16/1900-2/25/1928] - (1)

Bl. Ulrika Fransiska Nisch () [9/18/1882-5/8/1913] - (1)

St. Ursula Ledóchowska () [4/17/1865-5/29/1939] - (1) incorrupt body

Bl. Valentin Paquay of Limburg (Franciscan priest) [11/17/1828-1/1/1905] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/2002
Bl. Vasyl Velychkovsky (martyred Redemptorist Ukrainian Greek Catholic Metropolitan of Moscow) [6/1/1903-6/30/1973] - (1) body found fully incorrupt 30 years after his repose; (2) ; (3)
St. Zefyrinus Namuncurá Burgos of Argentina () [8/26/1886-5/11/1905] - (1) in 2000, posthumous sudden and complete healing of the uterine cancer of 24-year-old Cordoba, Argentina woman who was able to get pregnant again; (2) prophesied his death eight days in advance; (3)

St. Zygmunt Gorazdowski of Ukraine (founder of The House of the Child Jesus) [11/1/1845-1/1/1920] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 4/24/2001; (2) another posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/2004

Catholic Wonderworkers: 19th Century

19th CenturySt. Andrew Hubert Fournet of France (priest founder of Daughters of the Cross of Saint Andrew) [12/6/1752-5/13/1834] - (1) posthumously multiplied food for congregation sisters and those they cared for during crises
St. Anthony of St. Ann Galvão, O.F.M. () [1739-12/23/1822] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Angela Truszkowska (Zofia Kamila Truszkowska: Franciscan tertiary nun) [5/16/1825-10/10/1899] - (1) in the cathedral of Cologne God told her she was meant to serve the poor

Bl. Anna Maria Gesualda Antonia Taigi () [5/29/1769-6/9/1837] - (1) incorruptible body found 18 years after her repose; (2) prophecy; (3) frequent visions; (4) frequent ecstasies
Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich (Anna Katharina Emmerick: Augustinian nun) [9/8/1774-2/9/1824] – (1) stigmata; (2) ecstasies; (3)

Bl. Anne Mary Javouhney (co-foundress of the Congregation of Saint Joseph of Cluny) [11/10/1779-7/15/1851] - (1)

Bl. Annunciata Cocchetti (teacher & foundress of the Sisters of St. Dorothea in Cemmo) [5/9/1800-3/23/1882] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 7/10/1990
St. Anthony Mary Claret () [12/23/1807-10/24/1870] - (1) prophecy; (2) other miracles

St. Anthony Mary Pucci of Italy (Eustacchio Pucci: Servite priest) [4/16/1818-1/12/1892] - (1) miracles at his tomb

Bl. Anton Martin Slomsek of Slovenia () [11/26/1800-9/24/1862] - (1)

Bl. Antonio Rosmini-Serbati (priest & philosopher) [3/24/1797-7/1/1855] - (1) posthumous 1/6/1927 sudden healing of the terminal pelvic-pulmonary tuberculosis of Sr. Lodovica Noè of Milan [9/12/1879-12/4/1957] when she touched his image confirmed by CCS & HH B16 on 6/1/2007

Bl. Arnold Reche of France (Nicholas-Jules Rèche: ) [9/2/1838-10/23/1890] - (1)

Bl. August Czartoryski (blue-blooded Salesian priest) [8/2/1858-4/8/1893] - (1) appeared in a prophetic vision to St. John Bosco long before they met; (2) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/2003
St. Bartholomea Capitano of Lovere (co-foundress of Sisters of Charity of Lovere) [1807-7/26/1836] - (1)

Bl. Basil Anthony Mary Moreau (co-founder of the Congregation of the Holy Cross) [2/11/1799-1/20/1873] - (1) on 4/28/2006 CCS & HH B16 confirmed that in 1948 he posthumously cured a Canadian woman of pleuritis of the left lung
St. Benedicta Cambiagio Frassinello of Italy (chaste wife who became nun & co-foundress of the Congregation of the Benedictine Sisters of Divine Providence) [10/2/1791-3/21/1858] - (1) in 1826 St. Jerome Emiliani posthumously appeared to her and cured her terminal illness after she promised him that she would care for girls whose lives were at risk; (2) "profound mystical experience" at age 20 that instilled a desire for religious life; (3) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/2001
St. Benildus of France (Pierre Romançon: De La Salle Brother catechist & teacher) [6/14/1805-8/13/1862] - (1)

St. Bernadette Soubirous (Maria Bernada Sobirós: Lourdes Marian visionary) [1/7/1844-4/16/1879] – (1) ; (2) body found incorrupt upon 1909 and 1919 exhumations
Bl. Caterina Cittadini (teacher & foundress of the Ursuline Sisters of Somasca) [9/28/1801-5/5/1857] - (1) in 1842 St. Jerome Emiliani, to whom Bl. Caterina had a special devotion, posthumously cured her of a terminal illness; (2) posthumous miraculous healing of Samuel Piovani confirmed by CCS & JPII on 12/20/1999
St. Caterina Volpicelli of Naples (blue-blooded Franciscan tertiary nun & foundress of the Institute of Handmaidens of the Sacred Heart) [1/21/1839-12/28/1894] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 6/28/1999; (2) another posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & HH B16 on 12/6/2008
Bl. Catherine Jarrige the Confessor of Cantal (Dominican tertiary nun) [10/4/1754-7/4/1836] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 6/25/1996
St. Charbel Maklouf (مار شربل, b. Youssef Antoun Makhlouf: Maronite monk) [5/8/1828-12/24/1898] – (1) incorrupt body; (2) holy relics secreted sweat and blood in 1927 and 1950; (3) divine light around his grave a few months after his repose; (4) healing of Sister Mary Abel Kamari of the Two Sacred Hearts; (5) healing of Iskandar Naim Obeid from Baabdat; (6) healing of Mariam Awad from Hammana; (7) he and St. Maron appeared to her in a dream on 1/22/1993 and one did surgery on her neck while the other held her up with a pillow, she woke up with two wounds in her neck and was completely healed from paralysis and able to walk, then the next night St. Sharbel appeared to her in another dream and told her, "I made you the surgery to let people see and return to faith. I ask you to visit the hermitage on the 22nd of every month, and attend Mass regularly for the rest of your life"
St. Charles of Mount Argus () [12/11/1821-1/5/1893] - (1)

Bl. Chavara Kuriakose Elias (first Superior General of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate) [†1/3/1871] - (1)

Bl. Clare Dina Bosatta () [5/27/1858-4/20/1887] - (1)

St. Clelia Barbieri (foundress of the Congregation of Minims of the Sorrowful Mother) [2/13/1847-7/13/1870] - (1) ; (2) ; (3)

St. Conrad of Parzham () [12/22/1818-4/21/1894] - (1)

St. Damien the Leper of Molokai (Apostle to the Lepers & priest of Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and of the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar) [1/3/1840-4/15/1889] - (1) ; (2)
St. Daniel Comboni of Italy () [3/15/1831-10/10/1881] - (1)

Bl. Domenico Lentini () [†2/25/1828] - (1)

Bl. Dominic Barberi (Passionist Confessor and missionary to England) [6/22/1792-8/27/1849] - (1) incorrupt body
St. Dominic Savio the Confessor of Piedmont () [4/2/1842-3/9/1857] - (1)

Bl. Edmund Bojanowski of Poland (blue-blooded seminarian & founder of the Congregation of the Servants of the Immaculate Virgin Mary) [11/14/1814-8/7/1871] - (1)

Bl. Edward Ignatius Rice () [6/1/1762-8/29/1844] - (1)

St. Egidius Maria Pontillo (Francis Dominic Anthony Paschal Pontillo: ) [11/16/1729-2/7/1812] - (1)

Bl. Elisabeth Vendramini () [4/9/1790-4/2/1860] - (1)

Bl. Elizabeth Canori Mora () [11/21/1774-2/4/1825] - (1)

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (foundress) [8/28/1774-1/4/1821] - (1) ; (2) ; (3)

Bl. Emilie Tavernier Gamelin of Montreal (foundress & Mother Superior of the Sisters of Providence) [2/19/1800-9/23/1851] - (1)

Bl. Emily d'Oultremont van der Linden d'Hooghvorst of Belgium () [10/11/1818-2/22/1878] - (1)

Bl. Émilie Tavernier Gamelin of Montreal () [2/19/1800-9/23/1851] - (1) posthumously cured a terminally ill 13-year-old

St. Eugene de Mazenod () [8/1/1782-5/21/1861] - (1) incorrupt body found on 12/12/1936, 75 years after his repose; (2)

St. Francis Xavier Bianchi () [1743-1/31/1815] - (1)

Bl. Francis Faà di Bruno of Italy [3/29/1825-3/27/1888] - (1)

Bl. Francis Palau y Quer of Aythona (Carmelite priest & preacher who founded the Congregation of the Carmelite Brothers & the Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters) [12/29/1811-3/20/1872] - (1)

Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos () [1/11/1819-10/4/1867] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Francisca Anna Cirer Carbonell () [6/1/1781-2/26/1855] - (1) - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 11/28/1988

Bl. Francisco Coll Guitart () [5/18/1812-4/2/1875] - (1)

Bl. Frédèric Ozanam () [4/23/1813-9/8/1853] - (1)

St. Gabriel of Assisi of Our Lady of Sorrows (Francesco Possenti: Passionist clerical student) [3/1/1838-2/27/1862] - (1) many posthumous miracles; (2) posthumously cured St. Gemma Galgani when she prayed to him

St. Gaetano Errico of Secondigliano () [10/19/1791-10/29/1860] - (1) ; (2)

St. Gaspar Bertoni (priest who founded Congregation of the Sacred Stigmata of Our Lord Jesus Christ) [10/9/1777-6/12/1853] - (1) incorrupt body; (2)

St. Gaspare Bufalo ( & Hammer of Italian Freemasonry) [1/6/1786-12/28/1837] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Giacomo Cusmano of Palermo () [3/15/1834-3/14/1888] - (1)

St. Giles Mary-of-Saint-Joseph () [11/16/1729-2/7/1812] - (1)

Bl. Giovanni Antonio Farina () [1/11/1803-3/4/1888] - (1)

Bl. Giuseppe Benedetto Dusmet of Sicily (Benedictine archbishop of Catania & cardinal-priest of San Pudenziana) [8/15/1818-4/4/1894] - (1)

Bl. Ignatius Falzon () [7/1/1813-7/1/1865] - (1)

St. Innocent of Berzo (Capuchin priest) [1844-3/3/1890] - (1) posthumously cured terminally ill children

Bl. Jacques Laval ( : & Apostle of Mauritius) [9/18/1803-9/9/1864] - (1)

St. Jean-Gabriel Perboyre of France () [1/6/1802-9/11/1840] - (1)

Bl. Johannes Antonius Farina of Vicenza (bishop & one of the Holy Fathers of Vatican I) [1/11/1803-3/4/1888] - (1)

St. John Bosco (Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco) [8/16/1815-1/31/1888] – (1) resurrecting the dead; (2) incorrupt body; (3) levitation; (4) had dreams and prophesied deaths of King Victor Emmanuel II's mother, wife, infant son, and only brother; (5) in 1871-1872 dreamt about Argentina and individual Indians of Patagonia whom he later evangelized; (6)
Bl. John Lantrua of Triora (Franciscan martyr under the Chinese yoke) [3/15/1760-7/2/1816] - (1) ; (2)

St. John Nepomucene Neumman (Jan Nepomucký Neumann: Fourth Bishop of Philadelphia) [3/28/1811-1/5/1860] - (1)

Ven. John Henry Newman (cardinal who authored groundbreaking work on doctrinal development) [2/21/1801-8/11/1890] - (1)
St. John Vianney (Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney: Confessor and parish priest of Ars) [5/8/1786-8/4/1859] - (1) incorrupt body found 45 years after his repose; (2)
Bl. Josefa Naval Girbés (nun of The Carmelite Third Order of Our Lady of Mount Caramel and St. Teresa of Jesus) [12/11/1820-2/24/1893] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 9/1/1988

St. Joseph Cafasso () [1/15/1811-1/23/1860] - (1)

St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo () [1786-4/30/1842] - (1)

Bl. Joseph Benedict Dusmet () [8/15/1818-4/4/1894] - (1)
St. Joseph Marello (bishop of Acqui) [12/26/1844-5/30/1895] - (1)

Bl. Joseph Anthony Tovini () [3/14/1841-1/16/1897] - (1)

Bl. Joseph Olallo Valdés () [2/12/1820-3/7/1889] - (1)

St. Joseph de Veuster (to be canonized 10/11/2009) [1/3/1840-4/15/1889] - (1) ; (2)

St. Joseph Zhang Dapeng of China (martyr) [1754-2/2/1815] - (1)

Bl. Josepha Naval Girbes of Algemesi (virgin member of the Third Order Secular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Saint Teresa of Jesus) [12/11/1820-2/24/1893] - (1)

St. Julia Billiart () [7/12/1751-4/8/1816] - (1)

Bl. Leopold of Gaiche () [10/30/1732-4/2/1815] - (1)

Bl. Louis of Casoria () [3/11/1814-3/30/1885] - (1)

Bl. Louise Poloni of Verona () [1/26/1802-11/11/1855] - (1)

Bl. Ludovico Pavoni () [9/11/1784-4/1/1849] - (1)

Bl. Luigi Biraghi () [11/2/1801-5/28/1879] - (1)

St. Luigi Scrosoppi of Udine () [8/4/1804-4/3/1884] - (1)

St. Madeline Sophie Barat () [12/12/1779-5/25/1865] - (1) incorrupt body

St. Marcelino Champagnat (priest founder of the Little Brothers of Mary) [5/20/1789-6/6/1840] - (1)

Bl. Margareta Bays () [9/8/1815-6/27/1879] - (1)

Bl. Maria Dominica Brun Barbantini of Lucca () [1/17/1789-5/22/1868] - (1)

Bl. Maria Anna Blondin of Quebec (Esther Blondin: foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Anne) [4/18/1809-1/2/1890] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 6/28/1999

Bl. Maria Gabriela Magdalen of Canossa () [3/1/1774-5/8/1835] - (1)

Bl. Maria del Carmen of the Child Jesus (María del Carmen González-Ramos García-Prieto of Antequera: foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart) [6/30/1834-11/9/1899] - (1)

Bl. Maria Teresa Haze (virgin foundress of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross) [2/27/1782-1/7/1876] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & JPII on 1/22/1991

Bl. Maria de Mattias () [2/4/1805-8/20/1866] - (1)

St. Maria Mazzarello () [5/9/1837-5/14/1881] – (1) incorrupt body
Bl. Maria Louise Merkert of Nysa (nun co-foundress of the Sisters of Saint Elizabeth) [9/27/1817-11/14/1872] - (1) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & HH B16 on 6/1/2007

St. María Rosa Molas y Vallvé (Rosa Francisca María de los Dolores: virgin Foundress of the Sisters of Consolation) [3/24/1815-6/11/1876] - (1) ; (2) posthumously cured Ms. Elvira Ruiz; (3) posthumously cured Mother Sagrario Lopez; (4) 1981 posthumously interceded so that five-year-old William could graft and recover recover sensation in the decaying left pinky finger bitten off by a piranha

Bl. Maria Adeodata Pisani () [12/29/1806-2/25/1855] - (1)

Bl. Maria Carmela González Ramos of Spain () [6/30/1834-11/9/1899] - (1)

Bl. Maria Repetto () [11/1/1807-1/6/1890] - (1)

Bl. Maria Teresa Scrilli of Jesus (Italian foundress of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mount Carmel) [5/15/1825-11/14/1889] - (1) bedridden for two years but cured by a vision of St. Florentius the Martyr (†10/10/303), to whom she prayed; (2) posthumous miracle confirmed by CCS & HH B16 on 12/19/2005

Bl. Maria Teresa Scherer () [10/31/1825-6/16/1888] - (1)

Bl. Maria Droste de Vischering of the Divine Heart () [9/8/1863-6/8/1899] - (1)

Bl. Marianus of Roccacasale (Dominic di Nicol Antonio: ) [1/14/1778-5/31/1866] - (1)

Bl. Marie Rivier () [10/19/1768-2/3/1838] - (1)

Bl. Marie-Céline of the Presentation (Poor Clare nun) [5/24/1878-5/30/1897] - (1)

St. Marie-Eugénie de Jésus () [1817-3/10/1898] - (1) ; (2)

Bl. Marta le Bouteiller (Amata Adele le Bouteille: ) [12/2/1816-3/18/1883] - (1)

Bl. Mary Deluil-Martiny () [5/28/1841-2/27/1884] - (1)

Bl. Mary Anne Mogas Fontcuberta () [7/13/1827-7/3/1886] - (1)

Bl. Mary of Jesus Crucified () [1/5/1846-8/26/1878] - (1)

Bl. Mary Catherine Kasper () [5/26/1820-2/2/1898] - (1)

Bl. Mary Magdalene Sordini () [4/16/1770-4/29/1824] - (1)

Bl. Mary-Teresa de Soubiran () [5/16/1834-6/7/1889] - (1)

Bl. Nuntius Sulprizio () [4/13/1817-5/5/1836] - (1) incorrupt body; (2)

Paul the Wonderworker of Moll (Francis Luyck: Benedictine hieromonk) [3/7/1824-2/24/1896] - (1) body found incorrupt in 7/1899, three years after his repose; (2) ; (3) ; (4) ; (5); (6) ; (7) ; (8)
Bl. Paul Josef Nardini (priest) [7/5/1821-1/27/1862] - (1)

St. Paula Frassinetti () [3/3/1809-6/11/1882] - (1) incorrupt body found in 1906, 24 years after her repose; (2) ; (3)

St. Paula Montal Fornés De San José De Calasanz () [10/11/1799-2/26/1889] - (1) ; (2)

Ven. Pauline-Marie Jaricot () [7/22/1799-1/9/1862] - (1)

Bl. Peter Donders () [10/27/1809-1/14/1887] - (1)

Bl. Peter Francis Jamet of France () [9/13/1762-1/12/1845] - (1)

St. Peter Ou of China (martyr) [1768-11/7/1814] - (1)

Bl. Pierre Bonhomme of Gramat () [7/4/1803-9/9/1861] - (1) ; (2)

Pope Bl. Pius IX (Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti: defined Papal Infallibility and Immaculate Conception!) [5/13/1792-2/7/1878] – (1) incorrupt body;
Bl. Rosalie Rendu () [9/9/1786-2/7/1856] - (1)

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne of Grenoble () [8/29/1769-11/18/1852] - (1)

Bl. Scubilion Rousseau (Jean-Baptiste Bernard Rousseau: ) [3/22/1797-4/13/1867] - (1)

Bl. Teresa Louise Montaignac of Chauvance () [1820-1885] - (1)

St. Theodora Guerin of France (Anne-Thérèse Guérin: ) [10/2/1798-5/14/1856] - (1)

St. Théophane Vénard (martyr) [1829-2/2/1861] - (1)

St. Therese of Lisieux () [1/2/1873-9/30/1897] - (1)

Bl. Thomas Mary Fusco () [12/1/1831-2/24/1891] - (1)

St. Valentin Faustino Berri Ochoa (Dominican coadjutor vicar apostolic of Central Tonking, titular bishop of Centuria, & martyr of Vietnam) [2/14/1827-11/1/1861] - (1)

Bl. Victoire Rasoamanarivo of Anatanarivo, Madagascar (widowed convert & Steadfast Pillar of the Malagasy Church) [1848-8/21/1894] - (1)

St. Vincent Pallotti () [4/21/1795-1/22/1850] - (1)

St. Vincent Strambi () [1745-1/1/1824] - (1)

Bl. William Joseph Chaminade () [4/8/1761-1/22/1850] - (1)

Bl. Zephyrinus Agostini of Verona () [9/24/1813-4/6/1896] - (1)

St. Zygmunt Szcensy Felinski () [11/1/1822-9/17/1895] - (1)