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Eastern Orthodox Wonderworkers: 12th Century

Note 6/29/2010: Eastern Catholics include many Kievan saints in their calendars, e.g., the Ukrainian Greek Catholics of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg celebrate "the Synaxis of Our Venerable Fathers of the Monastery of the Caves at Kiev Who Repose in the Further Caves" every August 28. For more info, including Kievan saints with a feast day of their own, see Great Saints of Kiev, pray for us!

12th Century
St. Alypius the Iconographer of the Kiev Near Caves (monk & unmercenary icon painter and restorer) [†8/17/1114] - (1) sometimes received help from angels when painting icons; (2) healed a Kievan leper by anointing him with icon paints; (3) all his icons were unharmed when church was destroyed by fire; (4) many of his icons worked miracles; (5) when he was dying of illness, an angel painted an icon of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotókos for him; (6) angel came to receive his soul on the day of his repose
St. Anastasius of the Kiev Near Caves (monk-martyr) [†1/22/12th c.] - (1) his prayers were always answered because of the strength of his living faith

Anthony the Roman of Novgorod (abbot) [1067-8/3/1147] - (1)
St. Arethas the Recluse of the Kiev Near Caves (monk & hermit) [†9/28/1190] - (1) punished for his blasphemy but recovered from fatal illness after vision of angels and demons contending over his soul, in which angels told him, "You hapless man, if you had given thanks to God for the pilfered riches, this would have been accounted as charity for you"

St. Athanasius the Resurrected One (Recluse of the Kiev Near Caves) [†1176] – (1)

St. Barlaam of Khutyn, Novgorod (abbot) [†11/6/1193] - (1) foresaw his repose; (2) clairvoyance ("discernment"); (3) other miracles during his lifetime
St. Christodoulos of Patmos () [1020-3/16/1111] – (1)
Constantine the Wonderworker of Murom (Yaroslav: prince) [†5/21/1129] - (1) ; (2) ;

David III the Builder of Georgia (Emperor of Georgia) [1089-1/26/1125] - (1) always prayed to Great-Martyr St. George in battle and planned to build a church in his name, and then St. George appeared to him in a vision and showed him where to build it; (2) when he visited the grave of his grandmother and said, "Rejoice, Tsaritsa! God hath delivered thy Church from the Hagarites," she was heard to reply, "Thanks be to God!"; (3) miracles from his relics
Elias of Murom the Wonderworker of the Kiev Near Caves (monk) [†1188] - (1) known as a miracle-worker
Erasmus of the Kiev Near Caves (monk) [†2/24/1160] - (1)

Gerasimus the First Wonderworker of Vologda (hieromonk) [†3/4/1178] - (1) prophesied that Vologda would become a great city; (2) gift of unceasing prayer; (3) other miracles

Gleb Andreevich of Vladimir (George: prince & son of St. Andrew Bogoliubsky) [1155-6/20/1174] - (1) incorrupt relics

St. Gregory the Iconographer of the Kiev Near Caves (Byzantine monk & colleague of St. Alypius the Iconographer) [†8/8/12th c.] - (1) "painted many wonderworking icons throughout the Russian Land" according to the "Accounts of the holy Iconographers"
St. Igor II Olgovich (martyr and Grand Prince of Chernigov & Kiev, later monk Gabriel and then schemamonk Ignatius) [†6/5/1147] - (1)

St. Isaiah the Wonderworker of the Kiev Near Caves [†5/15/1115](1)

Joachim of Osogovo (cave-dwelling monk) [†8/16/1115] - (1) posthumously appeared in a vision and revealed the circumstances of his repose

St. John the Long-Suffering of the Kiev Near Caves () [†7/18/1160] - (1)

St. John the Child-Martyr of the Kiev Near Caves (monk) [†11-12th c.?] - (1)

John of Novgorod (Archbishop of Novgorod) [†9/7/1186] - (1)

St. Kuksha of the Kiev Caves (hieromartyr) [†8/27/1114](1)

Martin of Turov (cook who became monk) [†6/27/1146] - (1)

Meletius the New (hermit) [1035-9/1/1105] - (1)
St. Nicholas Sviatosha (Prince of Chernigov) [†10/14/1143]: (1) ; (2)
Michael the Wonderworker of Murom () [†12th c.] - (1)

St. Nestor the Chronicler of the Kiev Near Caves () [1050-1114] - (1)

Nicetas the Hidden of Constantinople () [†9/9/12th c.] - (1)

St. Nicodemus the Prosphora Baker of the Kiev Near Caves () [†12th c.] - (1)

St. Nikon the Shriveled of the Kiev Near Caves () [†12th c.] - (1) relics

St. Nikita of the Kiev Far Caves (Bishop of Novgorod) [†1/31/1109] - (1)

St. Nikita the Stylite, Wonderworker of Pereyaslavl & Zalesski [-1186] - (1) healed Prince Michael of Chernigov of palsy; (2) healed many others through his prayers; (3) after robbers murdered him he appeared to the elder Simeon telling him to bury the chains they stole with him
Niphon of Novgorod (bishop) [†4/8/1156] - (1)

St. Onesiphorus the Confessor of the Kiev Near Caves (hieromonk) [†1148] - (1) clairvoyance

St. Pimen the Much-Ailing of the Kiev Near Caves (monk) [†2/11/1110] - (1)

St. Polycarp of the Kiev Far Caves (archimandrite) [†7/24/1182] - (1)

St. Prochorus the Gardener and Wonderworker of the Kiev Near Caves (monk) [†2/10/1107] - (1) reformed Prince Svyatopolk by twice changing ashes to salt during a salt shortage; (2) blessed the prince during his last hour and when he died the prince took his body to the cave, then returned and easily beat the Polvetsians and made them run and obtained their supply carts; (3) during a famine, only the pigweed that he blessed or made was sweet, edible, and light in appearance; (4) earlier, God rewarded his own patience by sweetening the pigweed he ate

Rostislav-Michael the Great of Kiev (Prince of Kiev) [3/14/1167] - (1)
St. Spyridon the Prosphora Baker of the Kiev Near Caves () [†1148] - (1)
Prince Stephen Nemanya the Myrrh-Gusher of Serbia (Стефан Немања: monk Simeon) [1109-2/13/1199] - (1) ; (2)

St. Sylvester the Wonderworker of the Kiev Near Caves (abbot of the Mikhailov Vydubitsk monastery at Kiev) [†1/12/12th century](1) graced with "a miraculous gift to ward off demonic suggestions"

Theoctistus of Chernigov (abbot who became bishop) [†8/6/1123] - (1)

Theodore the Wonderworker of Murom () [†12th c.] - (1)

St. Titus of the Kiev Near Caves (hieromonk) [†2/27/1190] - (1)
Vsevolod the Wonderworker of Pskov (Gabriel Mstislavich: Prince of Novgorod and then Prince of Pskov) [†2/11/1138 at age of 46](1)


  1. Are you also going to make homeless and assylum lunatics saints? The freak spent decades on top of a pole! Any priest who condones such behavior is endangering the sanity of minors! No wonder you refuse to see the absence of the emperor's missing clothes and keep falling for tyanny.

  2. If you condemn St. Nicetas, you condemn the great stylites before him, like St. Simeon Stylites the Elder (†9/2/459), a wonderworker who lived well before the unhappy schism of the second millennium and whose sanctity is universally acknowledged without question.

    God bless you and yours,
    Will R. Huysman